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The Garden DC

The Garden DC

Premium CBD Products & Smoke Shop in Washington DC.
Shop in-store open daily.


Get Free Premium Weed Gifts in Washington DC under Initiative 71. The Garden offers in-store shopping or free in-store pick up. Skip the line when you preorder online!

1. Choose your free weed gift from flower, edibles, concentrates & more.

2. Purchase a token. The more tokens - the more free gifts!

3. Choose one of our organizations to support by donating your token.


We strive to create a culture that emphasizes Black excellence while also addressing issues of social inequities in our community. And through your micro-investments, you support causes that help bring change where it is needed most. 


We call in wise leadership to your inner Garden and to the Garden of the world.  We aren't just any CBD Oil and smoke shop in Washington DC. Together, we are cultivating transformation and liberation.

Will you join us?


As a thank you for your patronage and to encourage your own growth potential, we gift you the the medicine of plant consciousness and the finest weed products in DC. 


If you're looking to buy CBD products in DC you've come to the right place. We gift you marijuana flower-weed that is Initiative 71 compliant. The Garden represents life. We are rooted in a community that promotes growth, sews seeds of wisdom and connection, and harvests right-action. 


At The Garden, we believe that a peaceful inner life manifests itself into the world. What are you cultivating?


The Garden is a place for examination, where we invite you to a higher way of being- to cultivate a more tranquil state of mind and a deepened heart connection through the use of our products. Each of us must bring our own nature into alignment with peace, harmony, integration, happiness and security if we want to bring meaningful change to ourselves, our community and the world.


With every token purchase you make at The Garden DC, you'll help the following organizations:

The True Reasons I Grabbed the Gun Evolved from Risks (T.R.I.G.G.E.R) Project aims to de-normalizeand destigmatize gun violence in communities of color across the nation. The project focuses on changing the norm and narrative of gun violence in communities of color by authentically telling the untold stories of everyday gun violence users to all walks of life. Our intents to build awareness and compassion for people who feel invisible without the gun.

At The Garden we do not accept gun violence in communities of color as the standard way of life; yet, through understanding the everyday's shooter's reality we can greatly reduce the number of homicides in the most affected population in the world. Will you join us?

The "X" for boys is an organization founded to help former delinquents stay out of jail by providing productive, educational workshops and safe spaces for them to escape undesirable living conditions. The organization host numerous field trips, automotive repair and construction workshops, a book club, and provides a safe space for young men ages 11-17 who maybe having trouble in life. With the motto "Let us make a man", it operates with the mission of teaching young men ways not just to survive but thrive, and in effect, change their lives for the better.

At The Garden we believe in using your mind, and not violence to succeed. If members of a community work together, they can change families, communities, countries and the world. Will you join us in expanding minds and helping youth find purpose and better themselves?


Three Part Harmony Farm exists to grow food for people, but it also exists in part to challenge our assumptions on how urban farms should look. It intentionally seeks to create a viable and just local food economy while at the same time dismantling racism and the ever present, entrenched forms of oppression in that same food system. 


At The Garden we believe in real sustainability by tending to the environment, economy, and community needs. Will you join us in providing sustainable agriculture when it comes to the litmus test of economic and community needs, not just in terms of the environment?


The Black Lobby DC is a millennial founded grassroots organization that implements strategies to uplift the Black community in every way fathomable. They believe that “this too shall pass” with the right actions and community investments. To date, The Black Lobby has hosted educational, art, and food drive events as groundwork to build even more intentional substance within our community.


The Garden DC

(Available All Day / Every Day)

Buy a $160 Token

Get 3 house carts (1g each) for free

Buy a $400 Token

Get 10 house carts (1g each) for free

Buy a $110 Token

Get 3/8 from our enthusiast flower tier (3 strains) for free

Buy a $145 Token

Get 3/8 from elevated flower tier (3 strains) for free

Buy a $155 Token

Get 1/8 from each of our 3 flower tiers for free

Buy a $210 Token

Get 3/8's from our 3 Elite flower tier for free


(Available All Day / Every Wednesday)

Buy a $150 Token

Get 4 house carts (1g each) for free

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We know the idea of weed dispensary DC can be a little confusing. Feel free to reach out to our team via the contact form below or hit us up on Whatsapp with any questions you may have about the gifting system of an i71 weed dispensary in DC.

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