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Guide to Pineapple Express Weed Strain

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

pineapple express weed

Pineapple Express; what a weird name for a weed strain. This weed strain has inspired a lot of things in pop culture, including the 2008 stoner comedy movie of the same name. The film follows the misadventures of two stoners, played by Seth Rogen and James Franco, as they try to get their hands on some "Pineapple Express" weed. In the movie, Pineapple Express was a secret invention guarded by the government. But is it really a thing?

Yes, the Pineapple Express weed strain is real, and you can find it at dispensaries. The real-life Pineapple Express is just as potent as the fictional one. It's a Sativa-dominant hybrid with a THC content of up to 27%. Not only does this weed give you an intense high, but it also has a range of medical benefits.

In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about the Pineapple Express weed strain. You will become familiar with the features of Pineapple Express weed, its aroma, and its taste. Also, we will talk about the effects that Pineapple Express offers and what medical conditions it can help with. So, if you want to know everything about this delicious weed strain, keep reading!

Pineapple Express Weed Strain

As you can probably guess from the name, this weed has a tropical taste with hints of pineapple. Its aroma is also very fruity and sweet with a touch of diesel.

Pineapple Express is a Sativa-dominant hybrid created by crossing Trainwreck and Hawaiian strains. The cannabis strain is presented in the shape of well-weighed nuggets that resemble Styrofoam popcorn and has a 60:40 Sativa/Indica ratio.

Pineapple Express has strong Sativa effects, which is understandable given that half of its genetics come from an incredibly pure Sativa-only strain. Because its THC levels normally range from 16 to 26%, its high is fairly strong and intense.

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Pineapple Express Weed Effects

Here are some popular effects you may experience after taking Pineapple Express weed.

  • Happy

Pineapple Express cannabis will stimulate all of your senses and make you feel ecstatic as you observe the world around you.

  • Focused

Pineapple Express also helps individuals to concentrate on a task, whether it is a work-related or personal project. It improves your concentration, alertness, and creativity.

  • Talkative

This is one of the most socially demanding weed strains you can take. If you take the Pineapple Express weed strain, you will want to talk to people for long periods and be more open than normal.

  • Dry Eyes

Pineapple Express causes dry eyes, a typical side effect of marijuana use. Drinking enough water or utilizing fake tears can help with this.

  • Cotton Mouth

Cottonmouth, commonly known as dry mouth, is another typical effect of marijuana use. This is a rather common side effect after taking Pineapple Express. Drinking plenty of water or nibbling on hard candy will help alleviate discomfort.

  • Energetic

Pineapple Express is ideal for daytime use because it provides energetic effects without making you jittery like a coffee can.

  • Relaxed

Although it is an energetic strain, it will also make you feel relaxed, especially if you feel anxious or stressed.

Pineapple Express Weed Medical Benefits

pineapple express weed benefits

Pineapple Express is not only good for recreational purposes but also has a range of medical benefits. Let's talk about the health benefits that they give:

  • Treatment Of Anxiety

Pineapple Express weed is good for treating anxiety because it is a Sativa-dominant hybrid. This means it is more likely to give off uplifting effects than couch-locking Indica effects.

  • Treatment Of Depression

Pineapple Express is also good for treating depression because it is a hybrid. The combination of Sativa and Indica in this strain provides a perfect balance of effects that can help alleviate the symptoms of depression.

  • Treatment Of PTSD

Pineapple Express can also help with PTSD. This cannabis strain gives the consumer a cheerful and uplifting high that might help to enhance mood and treat Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

  • Relieving Conditions Such As Rheumatism And Arthritis

Pineapple Express helps in relieving conditions such as rheumatism and arthritis. It does this by reducing inflammation.

  • Controlling Pain

Pineapple Express is also good for controlling pain. As stated earlier, it is a hybrid and can give off both Indica and Sativa effects. Indica is known for its sedative effects, which can help to control pain. Sativa is known for its energizing effects, which can help to distract from the pain.

  • Reduce Nausea Or Control Epileptic Attacks

If you have nausea or experience constant epileptic attacks, Pineapple Express can help to reduce the symptoms.

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Did They Smoke Real Weed In The Pineapple Express?

Before we answer this question, here's a cool fact;

While making the Pineapple Express movie, the director had an idea of keeping with the stoner humor on exhibit in "Pineapple Express."

The film's marketing department commissioned a billboard on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles that released real smoke from a cannabis leaf printed on the advertisement. It was taken down eventually because people kept calling the fire department, thinking there was a fire outbreak.

Now back to the question. The answer to this is no. They did not smoke real weed in any pineapple express movie scene.

Because it is against the law to smoke marijuana on a film set, they had to use a fake weed that seemed and smelled like the real thing. During filming, the actors used phony marijuana, according to the movie's prop master, Jeff Butcher.

Final Thoughts

Pineapple Express is a diverse strain with a variety of uses. This is an excellent strain to try whether you want to use it recreationally or medicinally. It's essential to keep in mind that Pineapple Express has some potential side effects, so drink plenty of water and start with small doses if you are a newbie.

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Where To Get Premium Quality Pineapple Express Weed Strain

Now that you know all about the Pineapple Express weed strain, where can you get it? You can get this strain from dispensaries and smoke shops across the city. However, finding the best one can be a bit of a hassle.

If you don’t want to go through the trouble of finding which smoke shop or dispensary is good, visit The Garden DC! With a wide range of products, knowledgeable staff, and unbeatable prices, we are your one-stop-shop for everything cannabis.

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