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How to Roll THE Perfect Blunt (Complete Guide)

how to roll the perfect blunt

One question that we often get asked is, "what are blunts?" and “how do I roll a perfect blunt?”

With so many misconceptions going around in the cannabis industry, it's not hard to see why most people don't understand what a blunt is. If you don’t know what a blunt is, put simply; a blunt is a weed-filled cigar. And when we say cigar, we are talking about the large ones you see in mafia movies. Blunts are a unique way to smoke weed as they provide an array of flavors and also an added buzz!

However, rolling a blunt comes with its own problems - it's much more complicated than rolling a joint, and cannabis enthusiasts might find this discouraging. This guide explains detailed steps to rolling different blunts that even an experienced smoker could learn a thing or two.

So blunt lovers! Rally up! Because this article is made for you.

Learning How to Roll a Blunt Easily

The following sections will discuss various methods for rolling blunts. From the rose blunt to the swisher blunt, and finally the infamous cross blunt!

How to Roll a Blunt with Paper

This is the conventional way of rolling a blunt. We recommend this method for newbies as it's the most basic out of all the methods.

Step 1: To create this blunt, you will need some rolling paper and ground cannabis. We recommend using RAW or Zig Zag (Not sure which brand to get? Call our store (202) 815-5663.) You can grind the cannabis with a grinder; however, some people use a rough finger grind to prepare their cannabis.

Step 2: After this, take your paper and fill it with your ground cannabis. And if you're using a filter, place it at one end of the joint. Now, use one hand to hold the paper, then use the other hand to shape the blunt by moving the cannabis around. Ensure that it is distributed evenly across the paper.

Step 3: Next, proceed to pack the joint. This is done by pinching the paper between your fingertips and slowly rolling it back and forth to pack the cannabis tightly.

Step 4: Finally, roll the joint in the paper by folding the unglued portion of your paper into a roll. Once you're done, click the glued end of the paper and roll one end down. Hold it in place until it sticks properly.

Voila! Your paper blunt is done.

how to roll a blunt with paper

How to Roll a Rose Blunt

Roses are just made for romancing ;) 2017 saw the rise in popularity of the rose blunt in the Cannabis community. Why? Well, rose petals extractions are used in a variety of products, including weed, because it's inherently soothing. Now let's move onto the process of making one.

Before rolling a rose blunt, you will want to make sure you have high-quality flower, Pesticide-free rose petals, a grinder, and a small baking sheet.

Below, we've listed the steps:

Step 1: Start by grinding about a gram of quality flower; this is usually enough for one rose blunts.

Step 2: Get the roses that your ex gave you that one time (They don’t deserve you anyways)

Step 3: Next, overlap three rose petals on a baking sheet.

Step 4: Once you're done with the steps above, toast your rose petals. To help your rose petals achieve a slightly dried and rollable texture, you will need to bake them at 250°F for a few minutes.

Step 5: After toasting your rose petals, pour your ground cannabis on the center of your rose petals. Next, roll up your rose petals as you would a normal blunt and lick the edge to form a seal.

Step 6: Place your rolled blunt into the oven for roughly 10 seconds. After this, take your blunt out and let it sit for two minutes. Congrats, you've made a rose blunt.

how to roll a rose blunt

How to Roll a Swisher Blunt

If you’re reading this blog post, we’re assuming you know what swishers are. But in case you don’t; swishers are different from joint papers. They provide a mild, sweet smoke like Backwoods, Dutches, etc. Swishers are beginner-level blunts and can be created easily. You'll need a blunt wrap, some weed, a lighter, a blunt splitter, and a rolling tray.

The steps for this method include:

Step 1: Purchase a swisher package from a store and split the cigar from the bottom ( the conical side) to the top. You can use a razor blade for this, but be extra careful.

Step 2: Once split, pour out the tobacco inside the swisher and substitute it with ground cannabis.

Note: The cannabis should feel lumpy, not powdery, this time.

Step 3: Gently curl the edge of the wrap facing you into the ground cannabis. Make sure to place your fingers evenly to make the wrap uniform. Now for the final step; wet your lips and seal the wrap. Your swisher blunt is ready.

how to roll a swisher blunt

How to Roll a Cross Blunt

You’ve made it! To the motherload of all blunts. A cross weed is classified as a master-level blunt, so it's not recommended for newbies. In addition, it usually requires two stoners because of its complexity. The items you will need for this include grounded weed, a grinder, large rolling papers, small rolling papers, a needle, a pin, and a pair of scissors.

Step 1: Grab a large rolling paper and pour in some weed. Roll this into a thick blunt. Ensure this blunt is packed because it's going to be your main blunt. Once tightly packed, twist the end, but not too tightly. A moderate twist makes this blunt easier to light.

Step 2: Pick a smaller piece of rolling paper and pour in some weed. Roll up a skinny blunt and twist both ends till they are closed.

Step 3: Grab your needle and poke a hole through your main blunt, say, about a quarter of the way down from the slightly twisted end.

Step 4: Wiggle your needle gently to create a wider hole. This hole will be for your skinny blunt. After this, poke a hole through the middle of your skinny blunt. This is where the smoke from your skinny joint will flow into your main joint.

Step 5: Take your skinny blunt and slide it through the hole in your main joint. This is quite tricky as the blunt tends to tear during this part, so make sure you gently pull and wriggle your blunt all the way through. Also, ensure the hole you poked earlier, in the skinny blunt, resides at the middle of your main joint.

Step 6: Get your scissors and cut the glue strips off two unused rolling papers. Once cut, moisten the strips and tie them criss-cross over your cross blunt's intersection. This helps to reinforce the joint and stabilizes the cross. Your cross blunt is finally ready!

how to roll a cross blunt

At the end of the day, rolling a perfect joint takes practice. And perfection is only achieved through repetition. Check out our menu here or call (202) 815-5663 to place your order. For The Garden DC hours, please check our website. Follow us on Instagram to find out more about 420-friendly and Initiative 71-compliant deliveries.

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