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Ice Cream Cake Weed Strain Information [Marijuana Guide]

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

ice cream cake weed strain

Looking for a potent strain with wedding cake and gelato 33 undertones? Look no further than the Ice Cream Cake weed strain! In this blog post, we will talk about its appearance, flavor, effects, and benefits. We will also list some reviews from users and show you where to get the best cannabis strains in DC!

What is Ice Cream Cake Weed Strain?

ice cream cake weed strain information

Ice Cream Cake is a well-known Indica-dominant hybrid made by crossing Wedding Cake and Gelato #33. It is also a rare strain composed of 75% Indica and 25% Sativa - with a whopping 25% THC level.

Ice Cream Cake's buds have a crystalline gloss-like finish and are completely covered in cannabinoid-rich trichomes.

This strain, like all Indica-dominant strains, is known for creating deep-seated serenity and restfulness in individuals who consume it. Its Sativa genetics also helps produce a unique cannabis high.

Appearance and Flavor

The Ice Cream Cake Cannabis strain has a frosty white appearance. This is mainly because its buds are covered in a thick layer of resin and trichomes. This strain's nugs are often small or medium and have a dense, compact structure.

And the flavor? Well, It is just as delicious as its name sounds. When smoked, you'll taste sweet cakey flavors with creamy vanilla undertones. There is also a light herbal aftertaste that lingers on your tongue.

Effects and Benefits of Ice Cream Cake Weed Strain

Now let's talk about the effects of the Ice Cream Cake weed strain. This bud is known for its euphoric and relaxing properties. Its high starts with a cerebral headrush that leaves you feeling happy and uplifted.

This is followed by a deep relaxed sleep that can leave you couch-locked for hours if you consume too much. The Ice Cream Cake weed strain is perfect for unwinding after a long day or during a lazy weekend morning.

Some of its benefits include treatments for appetite loss, chronic pain, depression, insomnia, nausea, cramps, muscular spasm, and stress.

Reviews of Ice Cream Cake Weed Strain

Here are what some weed lovers think about the Ice Cream Cake Weed strain:

Buzz Bell shares:

"Age - 66yrs old, have been smoking pot for 50+ years. Took about 3 hits from a pipe and had a groovy head high within 5-10 minutes afterwards. Maybe a tad dizzy, when standing I had no stagger but maybe a little swagger. Kicked back in my recliner watching the flatscreen feeling very relaxed now after about 30-45 mins. Would buy it again because this stuff is swell."

Annette H gave a 5-star rating and said:

"As soon as I started smoking Ice Cream Cake, I noticed a drastic reduction in my appetite, resulting in significant weight loss, which is welcome since I have struggled with weight my entire life. Fortunately, its other effects of a full-body relaxing high and significant pain reduction make this strain almost the ideal one for me."

Martin Z shared his experience:

"What a cool sh*t! This weed made me feel so crazy! This strain gives me that relaxation that I need the most! Can't believe that this ice cream cake is so effective and positive for my head and body, enjoy this weed!"

Where to Get Ice Cream Cake Marijuana Strain

If you are looking for the best place to get the marijuana strains and other cannabis products in the district, stop by The Garden DC.

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Here is how to order weed from us:

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