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Can You Smoke Weed in DC? Best (Legal) Smoke Spots

Updated: Mar 7

can you smoke weed in dc

Over the years, dozens of people have been arrested for smoking marijuana in Washington, DC. But wait, didn't weed become legal across the capital some time ago? Yes, but Washington D.C. operates under a unique set of rules that regulate the smoking of cannabis more strictly than other parts of the United States. This blog post delves into the frequently asked question: "Can you smoke weed in DC?" and provide a guide to enjoying marijuana responsibly and legally in the District.

Can You Smoke Weed in DC?

Yes, you can smoke weed in DC within legal boundaries. Adults can possess and consume marijuana on private property. However, public consumption and federal property usage are prohibited, reflecting the city's complex legal framework that balances local laws with federal restrictions.

So before you start sparking up your blunt, let's learn the legal status of weed then discover where to smoke weed in DC.

Current Legal Status of Marijuana in DC

Initiative 71 marked a significant change in Washington, DC, allowing individuals to possess and use marijuana for recreational purposes within certain limits. Under this initiative, adults can carry up to two ounces of marijuana, grow up to six cannabis plants at home (with no more than three mature at a time), and gift up to one ounce of marijuana to another adult. However, commercial sales of marijuana for recreational use remain illegal, highlighting a unique landscape shaped by both local and federal regulations. The presence of federal lands throughout DC complicates the situation further; while local laws permit certain marijuana activities, federal laws, which prohibit these activities on federal property, take precedence in these areas.

Initiative 71 also paved the way for the emergence of "I71 gift shops" in Washington, DC, creating an innovative workaround to the prohibition of commercial marijuana sales. These establishments operate within the legal framework by offering cannabis as a complimentary gift in conjunction with the purchase of another item, such as artwork, clothing, or accessories. This approach allows adults to legally obtain marijuana without directly purchasing it, aligning with the initiative's stipulation that adults may gift up to one ounce of marijuana to another adult.

What to Know Before Smoking Weed in DC

The distinction between private and public spaces is crucial for anyone looking to smoke marijuana in DC. Legally, private properties offer a safe haven for smoking, provided the property owner permits it. In contrast, public consumption remains illegal, carrying penalties for those caught smoking weed in DC.

Moreover, a significant portion of DC consists of federal properties, such as national parks and monuments, where federal laws banning marijuana use are strictly enforced. Understanding these boundaries is essential for navigating the legal landscape of marijuana use in the District, ensuring individuals can enjoy their activities without infringing on the law and possibly getting a fine.

Where You Can Smoke in DC-1

Where to Smoke Weed in DC Legally

We get it. Sometimes, a little fresh air and change of scenery can make your sesh so much better. Although it is illegal to smoke weed in public in DC, smokers have found some areas that the usual rules don't apply to but are still considered public meeting spots. However, it's crucial to remember that the risk of legal repercussions exists whenever you smoke in public areas.

Here are some types of places to smoke in DC where people might consider safer to smoke, but always with caution and at your own risk:

1. Rooftop Bars/Nightclubs

Some Nightclubs in D.C. are lenient and allow their patrons to spark a joint or two on their property. Your chances will be higher (no pun intended) at an outdoor or rooftop location.

2. Georgetown

Georgetown, DC, is one of the safest places to smoke in DC because it has many smoke shops. Although there have been a few times when the police restricted cannabis use, people usually don't get in trouble for smoking near the waterfront area.

3. U Street

U Street, in Northwest D.C., is a cultural and nightlife focal point. U Street has alleyways that are less crowded than other parts of the city and can be used as a smoking area. After your smoke session, you may visit some attractions to keep yourself occupied.

4. Congressional Cemetery

The congressional cemetery located in Southeast DC is known as one of the safest spots to light up, despite the small risk of a wave of flesh-eating zombies. You're less likely to be disturbed due to the tranquil atmosphere and lack of people.

5. Eighteenth Street Lounge

This is a classic spot for safe smoking weed in DC. It is a longstanding chillout lounge for smokers and has been known to turn a blind eye to smokers.

6. Secluded Areas of Parks

While parks are generally federal land, especially in DC, and thus subject to federal law where marijuana use is illegal, some individuals choose secluded areas away from main paths and visibility. Again, this carries significant risk, especially in federal parks.

7. Private Events

Private events that allow cannabis use, often held in rented spaces or even i71 gift shops like The Garden, are another option. These are typically advertised in cannabis-friendly circles and communities.

8. Alleyways or Less Trafficked Streets

Some choose discreet alleyways or less trafficked streets for a quick smoke. The key here is avoiding crowds and keeping a low profile to minimize the risk of complaints or law enforcement intervention.

9. At a Friend's House

Arguably one of the safest places to smoke weed in DC is private outdoor spaces owned by friends or acquaintances who permit cannabis use. While technically not public, these spaces offer a safer alternative to true public consumption.

These are a few places to smoke in DC that tend to be more relaxing when it comes to weed laws. As long as you remain low-key and don't go near families or other people, the police shouldn't bother you. Just use common courtesy and enjoy your weed discreetly.

federal property washington dc

Where NOT to Smoke Weed in DC

Can you smoke weed in DC? Once again – smoking weed publicly is NOT legal in Washington DC. So roll up at your own risk. Now, we will list the places where smoking your pre-rolls will get you into BIG trouble if you're caught smoking in public in Washington DC.

1. Federal Land or Federal Property

Smoking is prohibited on federal land for obvious reasons. Law enforcement has restricted the use of marijuana in parks, military bases, public housing projects, and The White House. As a result, smoking is illegal on any federal property in Washington, DC. Keep in mind that 29% of the city's total area is made up of federal property, so be cautious about where you smoke.

2. Rock Creek Park

Rock Creek Park is a city park in Washington, DC's Northwest quadrant. It's an excellent location to encounter nature and all it has to offer, but it's not a safe place to smoke a few joints. Rock Creek is part of the National Park Service system and is, therefore, under federal jurisdiction.

3. Federal Public Housing

This shouldn't cross your mind because, duh, it literally has the word "federal" in it. Asides from Federal housing, a landlord who is against the use of cannabis on his property can restrict you from smoking.

4. In Your Car

People consider their cars as private property and might decide to smoke weed in their vehicles. However, this is also illegal. D.U.I. (Marijuana) is a severe violation, and it's handled just like a D.U.I. (Alcohol). D.U.I. charges a max penalty of $1000 or up to 180 days in jail for first-time offenders.

the garden dc

How to Get Weed in DC (Legally)

Getting weed in DC shouldn't cause you trouble as long as you follow the rules. These rules are based on Initiative 71, which states that weed can't be sold commercially for recreational purposes. To acquire weed for medical purposes, you can walk up to a medical marijuana dispensary and purchase a legal amount. But to do this, you'll need to provide your medical marijuana card.

To acquire weed for recreational purposes, you should also visit an i71 compliant gifting shop or cannabis shop, but this time, you will have to go through the process of either making a donation or purchasing an item that's not a cannabis product. The cannabis will be given to you as a gift instead of a purchase.

All you need to get free marijuana gifts from us is:

  • 21+ State Issued ID

  • Cash payment

Here's how to order weed from The Garden:

  1. Browse our online menu

  2. Select your free marijuana gift of choice

  3. Purchase a token

    1. Each token will help support one of our organizations like the T.R.I.G.G.E.R Project, Three Part Harmony Farm, & more.

We are open for in-store shopping or you can skip the line and preorder online today! You can read our Complete Guide to Getting Weed in DC here for more information.

What is Initiative 71?

You've probably heard of Initiative 71 before. And before you hop to conclusions, it totally has nothing to do with Area 51. (We thought so too) Initiative 71 is the legalization of minor amounts of weed for personal use. It is a voter-approved (64.87% approval) ballot initiative that authorized the consumption of weed for recreational purposes.

Conclusion and FAQs

Now that we've explored the question, "Can you smoke weed in DC?", it's clear that while cannabis use is permitted within certain confines, DC's regulations are stringent. To navigate this landscape without legal woes, adherence to local laws is paramount. This means avoiding cannabis use on federal lands, abstaining from smoking in public spaces or vehicles, enjoying marijuana within the sanctuary of private property, and ensuring you're not under the influence when driving.

By respecting these guidelines, you can enjoy the benefits of cannabis in DC responsibly and legally. Some of these laws include;

  • Not smoking on federal property or in public places.

  • Not smoking in your car.

  • Smoking in the privacy of your own property.

  • Not being under the influence of marijuana while driving.

In this day and age, it can be tough to find a place to get weed if you don't have a medical card, as most of them have been shut down because of failure to meet Initiative 71's rules. Luckily, we at The Garden can help you with this. The Garden DC is the highest-rated I71 Compliant shop (4.4/5 stars on Google) that provides its customers with top-notch cannabis products. This is why we are the most trusted cannabis shop in the city.

Don’t be a bad friend. Share this article with your inner circle so you don't have to bail them out of jail. Get FREE Premium Top-Quality Marijuana gifts in DC with token purchases. Call us today at (202) 815-5663 or explore The Garden menu online now.

Is it legal to smoke weed on the street in DC?

No, it is not legal to smoke weed on the streets in DC. Public consumption of marijuana remains illegal under both local and federal laws. Smoking on the street can lead to penalties, emphasizing the importance of respecting the city's public space regulations.

Is weed a controlled substance in DC?

In DC, weed is considered a controlled substance under federal law, but local laws allow for possession and consumption within specific limits under Initiative 71. This creates a unique legal landscape where federal and local laws intersect in Washington DC.

Can you smoke in public in Washington DC?

No, you cannot smoke weed in public places in Washington DC. The weed laws in DC prohibits the public consumption of marijuana, including streets, parks, and other public areas, to maintain public order and respect for all citizens' space.

What is the penalty for smoking weed in DC?

Smoking weed in public is illegal and has a penalty for anyone who defaults. The highest sentence for smoking pot in public is 60 days in jail or a maximum $500 fine. Most times, first-time offenders may be asked to do community service and have their sentence dismissed.

Where can I smoke weed in DC?

In DC, you can smoke weed in private residences or properties where the owner permits it. Public consumption is illegal, so finding a private, supportive environment is key for legal and safe consumption of cannabis in the city.

can you smoke weed in dc

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