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DC 420 Events: Celebrating Cannabis Culture on April 20th

Dc 420 events

DC 420 events have become a cornerstone of the city's vibrant celebration of cannabis culture and advocacy. And for DC's cannabis community, April 20th is a major celebration. But the origins of 4/20 in DC might surprise you. It didn't emerge alongside recent legalization efforts. While cannabis legalization began gaining traction in states like Colorado and Washington, DC around 2012, 4/20 celebrations have a much longer history.

It all started with a group of California high school students called "The Waldos," who had a unique after-school ritual. Every day, they'd meet up at 4:20 p.m. to search for and enjoy cannabis together. Their quirky tradition sparked a phenomenon!

Yet, what started with The Waldos has grown into something much bigger. Over the years, 420 has become a day to celebrate the connections and friendships that form around enjoying cannabis. So, if you were planning to spend 420 by yourself, maybe it's time for a rethink.

In this article, we explore the various DC 420 events and activities that Washington DC's vibrant cannabis community has lined up for 4/20, celebrating not just the plant itself but the culture and camaraderie it fosters. We'll also shed light on DC's legal landscape, providing a comprehensive guide to navigating the day responsibly and within the bounds of the law.

Local Laws And Regulations

While we’re all about cranking up the fun for our 420 celebrations, we still have to play by the rules. So, here’s a quick rundown of DC’s cannabis laws and regulations to keep your 420 vibes high and safe.

Both medical and recreational weed are legal, but there are some important details to remember: 

  • You can only have up to two ounces of marijuana on you at any time

  • If you grow your weed, you can grow up to six plants, but only three can mature at once

  • You can gift up to an ounce of weed to another adult, but selling is illegal

  • Bongs and other paraphernalia such as rolling papers, grinders, and vaporizers are legal, but public smoking isn't

Also, about 29% of DC is federal land where weed is still illegal according to federal law. This includes the National Mall, Rock Creek Park, West Potomac Park, and Joint Base Anacostia–Bolling. So, having weed on you in these places can land you in trouble.

420 events dc

Types Of DC 420 Events

Here are some of the types of DC 420 events available:

  1. Festivals, Cannabis-Themed Parties, and Concerts: Festivals, cannabis-themed parties, and concerts in DC offer a space for cannabis enthusiasts to come together and celebrate cannabis culture. They're important because they foster a sense of community and freedom among attendees, showcasing the joy and creativity that cannabis can inspire. Washington, DC 420 events like the DC 420 festival, DC, often feature music, art, and food, all infused with cannabis culture, making them a vibrant part of the local cannabis scene.

  2. Educational Seminars and Workshops: As laws and perceptions evolve, the cannabis community needs to be updated on these changes. Educational seminars and workshops are important in the cannabis community for spreading accurate information about cannabis, from its medicinal benefits to legal rights and growing techniques. They empower individuals with knowledge, helping to dispel myths and reduce the stigma associated with cannabis use.

  3. Exhibitions with Local Growers/Vendor Stalls: Exhibitions with local growers/vendor stalls create a platform for local growers and vendors to showcase their products and innovations. They're important for the growth of the local cannabis industry, offering entrepreneurs and businesses a chance to connect directly with their audience. Attendees get to explore the latest in cannabis strains, edibles, and technology, a win-win.

  4. Community Activism and Advocacy Events: With cannabis laws still a hot topic of debate, community activism, and advocacy in the capital, 420 DC events play an important role in shaping the future of cannabis legislation and perception. These events offer a voice to the cannabis community, pushing for change, awareness, and acceptance at both local and national levels. They're vital for mobilizing support, educating the public, and influencing policy, ensuring that the rights and needs of cannabis users and businesses are represented.

420 dc events

2024's Upcoming 420 Events In DC 

420 is not just about smoking weed or posting about cannabis on social media. It’s more about celebrating the deep cannabis culture, and in DC, we go all out. Here are some 420 events DC has lined up this April:

420 Unity Day Of Action - April 18, 2024

Despite cannabis being legal in 24 states and DC, there are lots of people who are behind bars for cannabis-related offenses. To support the full legalization of cannabis in the U.S., a bi-partisan coalition is mobilizing for a 420 Unity Day of Action. The goal? To put pressure on Congress and the President for full legalization of cannabis, release those imprisoned, and address past harms. You can join to make your 420 celebration count by making a difference.

National Cannabis Festival - April 19 & 20, 2024

The 8th Annual National Cannabis Festival will be held at RFK Stadium Grounds. This two-day blowout features live music from big names like Wu-Tang Clan, Redman, and Thundercat. But that's not all—there's also a munchies zone, an exhibitor fair, and loads of educational content. The best part? We’ll be there.

The Garden, DC, is thrilled to participate in the festival for the third time as a sponsor. We’re bringing a concentrate booth packed with top-tier extracts and an infused snow cone machine for a tasty treat. But that’s not all.  

As a special treat for our valued customers, we’re hosting an exciting raffle with fantastic prizes up for grabs. Here’s how it works:

Purchase your raffle tickets for just $15 each. Plus, enjoy discounted rates:

  • $10 for a raffle ticket when spending over $100.

  • $5 for a raffle ticket when spending over $500.

Get ready to win big! Our raffle prizes include:

  • A half-ounce of premium flower

  • Delicious edibles to tantalize your taste buds

  • High-quality concentrates for an elevated experience

  • Two tickets to the 2-day National Cannabis Festival, giving you and a friend exclusive access to one of the most anticipated Washington, DC weed events in the cannabis community.

The raffle will run until April 18th at 7 p.m., when we will go live on our Instagram to select the winner! 

Cannabis Walk - April 20, 2024

The Cannabis Walk is your go-to if you’re looking to celebrate 420 in a chilled way. It's a relaxed stroll around DC's landmarks, featuring sightseeing. The walk starts at Dupont Circle at 4:20 p.m. and is a perfect way to meet fellow cannabis lovers, share stories, and enjoy some green in scenic spots. 


420 events in DC are a big deal. They're not just about having fun with cannabis; they show how important cannabis culture is in our city. From the early days with "The Waldos" to the wide variety of events we have now, it's clear that cannabis culture is a big part of our community.

It's exciting to think about where cannabis culture in DC is headed. Every 420 celebration is a chance to push for more understanding and acceptance of cannabis. Washington, DC, weed events, like the Unity Day of Action, the National Cannabis Festival, and the Cannabis Walk, highlight how far we've come and where we're going.

Let's make this 420 meaningful. Remember why we celebrate, what we're working towards, and the community we're part of. Happy 420, DC!

To view our menu, visit our website and call (202) 815-5663 for any questions regarding Initiative 71's Gifting Process or buying weed in DC. For The Garden DC hours, please check our website. Follow us on Instagram to find out more about 420-friendly and Initiative 71-compliant shopping.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Washington, DC 420 events For Residents Only?

420 events in DC welcome both residents and non-residents, showcasing a range of activities from seminars to art shows. Visitors are encouraged to participate and explore cannabis culture, with a reminder to understand and respect DC's cannabis laws to ensure a positive and lawful experience.

How Can Visitors Participate In 420 Events While Complying With Local Cannabis Laws?

Visitors can enjoy 420 events through educational seminars, cultural exhibitions, and advocacy discussions, which don’t necessitate cannabis consumption. Engaging in these activities allows visitors to celebrate and learn about cannabis culture within the legal confines of DC’s cannabis regulations.

Can I Consume Cannabis At Weed Events In DC?

Public cannabis consumption remains illegal in DC, including at 420 events. Despite the legalization of private use, attendees are advised against public consumption to avoid legal issues. Some private venues may allow it, but public events strictly adhere to local laws prohibiting use in public spaces.

Are There Any Age Restrictions For Attending 420 Events In Washington, DC?

Most DC 4/20 events are restricted to individuals 21 years and older, in line with the legal age for cannabis. Age verification is common at events, especially those involving cannabis products. However, some educational events may be open to a wider age group, focusing on information and awareness.

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