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How To Roll A Rose Blunt [The Perfect DIY Guide]

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

How to Roll a Rose Blunt

Rose blunts are a wildly successful way of smoking cannabis. And within the last five years, they have gained massive popularity in the cannabis community.

Making a rose blunt involves a process quite different from making a traditional blunt. This guide gives a detailed step-by-step process and talks about the origins of the rose blunt.

What is a Rose Blunt?

Rose blunts are blunts that are rolled in rose petals. They became popular way back in 2017 when a user on Twitter named Simple_Sasha posted a tutorial on making one. Since then, it has taken the cannabis community by storm.

When Rose blunts are burnt, they give a pleasant, passionate rose scent, and another reason they became so popular is that rose blends well with cannabis, and their color goes well on the traditional paper or tobacco leaves.

How to Make a Rose Blunt?

The section below is a step-by-step guide for rolling rose blunts. But before rolling your rose blunts, here are a few things you will need;

  • A grinder

  • A small baking sheet

  • Some Pesticide-free rose petals

  • Some High-quality flower

  • An Oven

Step-By-Step Guide for Rolling Rose Blunts

guide for rolling rose blunts

Finally, the part you have been waiting for! Now it's time to create the best rose petal bud the world has ever seen. The steps are short and straightforward.

1. Grind your Bud

First, you will have to grind your favorite nug. About a gram of cannabis would do. When grinding, make sure it has an even consistency.

2. Arrange Your Rose Petals

After the first step, you will need to arrange three rose petals in an overlapping row on a baking sheet. This is a form of prep before toasting.

3. Toast your Rose Petals

Once you're done with the second step, toast your rose petals. Rose petals need to be put in the oven for a short period to help transform them from silky-soft to slightly dried. Bake them at 250°F for a few minutes.

4. Line Up your Flower

After toasting your rose petals, line up some of the ground flower from earlier and put them in the center of your toasted rose petals.

5. Roll Your Blunt

Make sure your ground flower is lined up correctly; once you've done this, roll up your petals the same way you would roll a regular blunt. You do this by tucking one edge of your rose wrap under the other and licking the edges to form a seal.

6. Toast Your Blunt

Yes! You will have to toast the blunts again. But this time after you've rolled your blunt. Toast them for a brief ten seconds.

7. Enjoy

After toasting for ten seconds, take your rose blunts out of the oven and let them cool for 3 minutes. You're all done! Now it's time to have a unique smoking sesh with your rose blunt. Light it up and enjoy.

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