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Top Rated Head Shop in Washington DC (Free Weed Gifts)

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

washington dc head shops

The best head shop in DC is one that meets all the provisions set by the law and the good people of DC. From meeting these provisions, being the best head shop in the district also means serving the best quality cannabis in Washington DC.

Finding a head shop like this can be rare. But it seems like today is your lucky day. You've stumbled upon the #1 smoke shop in DC, The Garden DC. This guide will show you how to get free weed gifts in DC without ever having to worry about the law and the quality of your weed. Let's get rolling.

Why The Garden is the #1 Head Shop in Washington DC

The Garden is your one-stop-shop for cannabis goodies in DC. We have been rated the #1 head shop in DC due to our top-notch customer service, I71 compliance, and DC resident & tourist’s favorite premium weed gifts.

Here are some reviews from recent customers;

"Best place in DC for a quick pick up! Fantastic service, dope store with great variety, and they have the chillest people working here! Plus part of their earnings goes to a charity of your choice which is an amazing idea!! Highly recommend :)"

"The Garden was wonderful. Visited DC and came across their location. The staff was great with all my questions. They explained the process to me with ease. You could see smiles behind the mask. 100% recommend The Garden."

Premium High-Quality Weed Products

We gift various products from exotic weed strains that you won't find anywhere else to delicious cannabis edibles that will actually keep you high all day/night. Here are some of the products we offer: exotic cannabis flower strains like Jet Fuel, Wedding Cake, Gorilla Glue & more. We also carry high-quality tinctures, concentrates, shatter, cartridges, & wax. The Garden is also known to have the best edibles in DC like THC infused cookies, cannabis-infused PB & J, Sour patches dummies, Chocolate bars, chips, and so much more.

Free Initiative 71 Gifting

Our head shop is I71 compliant - this means that we do NOT sell weed. Instead, we gift weed. To collect your free I71 gifts, all you need to do is select your free marijuana gift (online or in-store), purchase a token in-store, and exchange your token for your free cannabis gift. Every token purchase comes with a free Initiative 71 gift, PLUS you get to help a charity of your choice like The T.R.I.G.G.E.R. Project, Three Part Harmony Farm, and more.

Get Weed in DC with Easy Online Preordering

get weed in dc

Thanks to the internet, getting weed in DC these days is far easier than it was, say, 30 years ago. Now you can preorder weed from the safety and comfort of your home, skip the line and pick up your order at the cash register.

To preorder weed gifts from The Garden:

  1. Check Out The Garden DC Online Menu

  2. Select your free weed gift & choose your Token Size

  3. Skip the line & pick up in store (Must be 21+ & Cash Only)

Give Back to a Charity of Your Choice

give back to a charity of your choice

With every token you purchase from The Garden, you get to give back to a charity of your choice. We support various charities such as TRIGGER, Three-Part Harmony, Black Lobby DC and The X for Boys. Purchase a token and help change a life today. And remember, you'll also get a free weed gift with each token purchase.

How to Get Free Weed Gifts from a Washington DC Head Shop

premium high quality weed products

If you're still not sure how the process of getting weed from head shops in DC works, here is a quick summary.

  1. Head on to the website of any I71 compliant head shop like The Garden. Ensure that this head shop doesn't SELL weed but gifts it. Selling recreational weed is still illegal in DC, so stay away from any store that sells weed.

  1. Click on the marijuana gift you want to get and the token size you wish to purchase. Once you do, you will be given a free weed gift.

  1. Once your order is ready for pick up, head to The Garden, skip the line, and pick up your order at the cash register. You must be 21+ Years Old with a Valid State-Issued ID (Cash Only)

Check out The Garden DC Menu and place your order online. You can also visit our store to enjoy in-store shopping or call (202) 815-5663 for any questions. For The Garden DC hours, please check our website. Follow us on Instagram to find out more about 420-friendly and Initiative 71-compliant deliveries.

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