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How to Hide Weed Smell [100% Proven Ways]

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

For us weed smokers, the smell of weed is invigorating. Weed possesses an earthy aroma that creates a sense of nostalgia, excitement, and relaxation. This aroma is often intense and can spread pretty fast during a smoke session. If you live alone and are comfortable with the smell of weed around your living area, then you have no problem at all.

However, weed lovers who live with family members might get complaints about the smell of weed permeating living areas. Also, there are individuals whose status in society prevents them from being open about the use of weed. For instance, Athletes or politicians might get lousy press if journalists come to their homes and perceive weed.

This article will discuss how to hide weed smell and the most effective ways to cover up the scent that clings to your body, clothes, car, and hair after having a smoke session. These actionable tips and techniques will help you light up whenever you want to and come out, in the end, smelling all fresh and clean.

Ways to Hide the Smell of Weed

For most weed lovers, the most preferred place to smoke and let out the nostalgic smell of weed is in their houses or apartments. This is not far-fetched, seeing as you enjoy all the privacy you need at home, with no interruptions or repercussions.

However, it is in your best interest to control the weed smell in your home. There is a high tendency for the pungent aroma to cling to your furniture and clothes. When you have visitors, this smell will stick out, and they might not be as enthusiastic about it as you are.

The best way to prevent this awkward scenario is to take preventive measures before, during, and after your smoking session. Here are some of the best ways to do this;

Before Starting Your Smoke Session

Before you light up the blunt, there are several preventive measures you can take. For instance, you can apply incense, spray air fresheners, use essential oil diffusers, or any other product that produces universally pleasant fragrances that will combat the weed aroma.

Also, allowing ventilation into the room by opening the doors and window blinds can make all the difference. This will make the weed smell escape from the walls of the apartment. Another good measure will be to store your weed in jars properly. Tightly sealed jars can help conceal the smell of weed and serve as proper storage.

During Your Smoke Session

The smell of weed is more pungent when it is lit up and being smoked. This is because the particles will be spread in the air through smoke or exhaling the inhaled weed. To help combat this, we suggest using smoke accessories such as smoke filters, sploofs, one-hitters, and smoke pipes. All of these are alternate ways to smoke and can help conceal the smell of weed when smoking.

After Your Smoke Session

Marijuana does not just stay in your body for a while after smoking; the smell can also linger on your skin and hair. The best way to counteract this is via perfumes, body sprays, or deodorants. More effective methods include:

  • Having a cool soapy bath.

  • Wash the clothes worn during your smoke session.

  • Taking proper care of the smoke area.

Conclusively, you must learn to apply proper personal hygiene before, during, and after your smoke session. This will help you enjoy smoking your weed without worrying about the aftermath that the weed smell will produce.

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